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happy 2010 - Jess-O

About happy 2010

Previous Entry happy 2010 Feb. 1st, 2010 @ 11:37 am Next Entry
I realize now why most people Don't post on LJ anymore, I have a deviantart page, which comes with a journal, a facebook and a twitter. Often I wonder, which avenue should I use for various posting. If you know my real name you should be able to find me on Facebook easy enough, twitter is @tweezle120. And deviantart is the same name as twitter.

But I've figured it out, Twitter is obviously, forquick ad fairly meaningless stuff. Facebook is good for sharing media, thoughts, and sending messages to contacts, but when i post it automatically shows up to my friends, so that's good for more complex things, but still of the "broadcast" nature. Deviantart I supose I would limit to just to art relevant stuff, but I'm not drawing at the moment (or the year...) so I'll let that be. LJ is great for the bigger stuff I don;t need to show up on everyone's wall less avoidably. people who know about my hournal can choose to poke here or not.

I bought the 10th anniversary collection of Myst on ebay recently I'm psyched! It'll be a blast going through it with my brainy friend Brendan. I could never solve them on my own all that time ago and ended up looking up answers.

I SHOULD vaccuume, clean up a bit, do laundry and work on my nWoD game (the "type" of "D&D" I'm playing.) But I just found like 50 old great photos I haven't scanned in yet and want to put into various facebook albums. I know my dad (my main reason for facebooking) will love some of them!
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