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Commonplace Book. Aug. 30th, 2013 @ 09:05 am
I desire to keep a commonplace book...And since I do not yet have a notebook on me, I will store things here until I get home and write them! I first heard about commonplace books yesterday and love using external memory for stuff! Today this little quote:

"Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement" -UltrafaceGuy on Reddit. He uses google to credit Nasreddin
Current Mood: lazylazy

Finding the time... Apr. 9th, 2013 @ 07:41 am
Finding the time to write here is haaaaard! And there's so much to day <_< including dreams of Buffy the vampire slayer and duckies no less!
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

Wow... 3 years! Apr. 3rd, 2013 @ 11:11 am
Where does the time go! And damn I really only food journaled for 3 days before falling off the wagon!!! >_>

I vaguely remember doing it a week or two, but not coming to LJ for it... miiiight be wishful thinking! My nWoD game was a blast, ran for almost 3 years and I'm about to start another! I have loads more confidence as a DM now though I prefer to play. To scratch that itch I keep pretty engaged in Equests for the realms, which has 'slowed' switching from Hope to Gloria as a new main character a bit, but I'm sure Gloria will find her gig soon.

Everything is great though; other than a resent spurt of emotional restlessness things have been pretty perpetually great in the grand scheme of things! (And my 'crazies' are always pretty temporary so I don't sweat it.) I don't want to write some giant catch-up post here though; I'm also at work and should try to focus on that somewhat =P

I will try not to just constantly re-post my favorite Reddits here =P
Current Mood: restlessrestless

4-22-10 Apr. 22nd, 2010 @ 08:30 am
the boring stuffCollapse )

Got my nWoD game today! I am both excited and nervous! Im not really otally ready, but the last couple of things I can probably manage quickly if I try... I have a couple hours before session... but first a half shift at work!
Current Mood: busybusy

4-21-10 Apr. 21st, 2010 @ 01:57 pm
the boring stuffCollapse )

Today we will try not to get sidetracked by any free ice cream. I fully plan to enjoy a Dr. Pepper later though! It's just not worth it to me to do no junk at all!

as far as life goes, I would rake but I was exercising back muscles yesterday (to improve posture) and I'm a bit sore. so I'll just work on my nWoD game instead. I have lots of character sheets to do!
Current Mood: boredbored
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» 4-20-2010 Day one!
the boring stuffCollapse )

SO the hubby wants to lose 20lbs before we take our yearly trip to Venezuela. Personally I also can't wait to go back! But as long as he'll be trying to be healthy I may as well give my best effort at full tilt too! This could be fun! I think having to write it down where it can be seen will be half the battle the Wills. I'll want to make progress "on record."
» For the Sake of it
Don't really have much to post, except that I'm still having trouble organizing my nWoD campaign. I end up approaching it from an Ad lib point of view. Trying to get some resources at the ready so I have a pile of ready maps and numbers to access on an as needed basis and just try to go with the flow while showing off the few things/ideas I thought of... I think my players like it just fine but I think my plot idea really needs to exist as a unit now and I could really use a sounding board to help catch dumb shit and inspire.

As far as what I've been up to? Farmvill'in like a villain, Actually keeping the house clean (but not the yard)and reinstalling my crap after a fresh PC wipe.

I'm currently watching Darker than Black season 2, the new Dr. Who and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
» CtL: Sunday January 10th, 2010
((for people not in the know postings with this User pic are "in character" for a role playing group I'm in))

Went "hedge hunting" for the first time with Abe today, really we just collected some new nuts growing near the entrance to this new trod... Gross little things, like peach pits filled with ham fat...

I was scared, not so much of the hedge, but of really goign somewhere really alone without Thomas nearby. I know that sounds ridiculous but what if All this time he was biding his time, you know? I just, I guess I had trouble trusting his intentions because he seemed TOO Good to be true. But it is, and we finally made it official and said vows on it. It's amazing to know I a good friend who's got my back, Especially special, because while I know Tom will always be there for me, I know Abe doesn't feel obligated or burdened by it. I'm glad there's someone else Tom can trust to look out for me too so he won't worry so much...\

Those nuts though, Gave one to Sel, as this is really more his thing... and he ended up remembering his keepers and going on a bit of a bad trip... I feel guilty for being a coward and not just trying it myself, and instead inflicting that on him... And Abe said he was going to rty it himself tonight, oh poor Abe! I really wish I could go help him now... I almost feel guilty enough to just take one myself so they don't suffer alone. But I'm fairly certain that would put more gray in Tom's hair.
» well written!
Hey hazel,
Your most recent post was really well written and a beautiful piece of writing. The form of it was really attractive and you did a very good job conveying a mood and feeling to the reader. By the end of the "piece," I feel like I understood the feelings and thoughts that lead to the entry, especially since it's something I know we can all relate to as well. For something to feel so "well written" when you are "just" making a journal entry really impresses me! I bet your writing talent is really amazing!
» happy 2010
I realize now why most people Don't post on LJ anymore, I have a deviantart page, which comes with a journal, a facebook and a twitter. Often I wonder, which avenue should I use for various posting. If you know my real name you should be able to find me on Facebook easy enough, twitter is @tweezle120. And deviantart is the same name as twitter.

But I've figured it out, Twitter is obviously, forquick ad fairly meaningless stuff. Facebook is good for sharing media, thoughts, and sending messages to contacts, but when i post it automatically shows up to my friends, so that's good for more complex things, but still of the "broadcast" nature. Deviantart I supose I would limit to just to art relevant stuff, but I'm not drawing at the moment (or the year...) so I'll let that be. LJ is great for the bigger stuff I don;t need to show up on everyone's wall less avoidably. people who know about my hournal can choose to poke here or not.

I bought the 10th anniversary collection of Myst on ebay recently I'm psyched! It'll be a blast going through it with my brainy friend Brendan. I could never solve them on my own all that time ago and ended up looking up answers.

I SHOULD vaccuume, clean up a bit, do laundry and work on my nWoD game (the "type" of "D&D" I'm playing.) But I just found like 50 old great photos I haven't scanned in yet and want to put into various facebook albums. I know my dad (my main reason for facebooking) will love some of them!
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