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Even Hess was better with the Hoildays Dec. 18th, 2009 @ 12:44 pm
Because At Hess I had a boss who would try to accommodate people's holidays, and yes people had to make sacrifices, But for my current boss to dick everyone over, and schedule the same person (me) for BOTH shit shifts this week is a bit of a downer you know? He ALSO scheduled outside of my availability on the only night i ever ask for off (Wednesday night) and he didn't do it because he had no one to close the store, he game me a dicky 5 hour helper shift. And There are other people ont he schedule who could have worked it (Which indeed I switched with.)

We close at 7pm on Christmas eve, that's late enough to make dinner with my family late. (divorced family, one dinner on the 24th, one on the 25th.) BUT then he's keeping me an hour later until 8pm to clean up. He put himself down for 9:30pm for setting up a marketing kit, but he never stays as late as he says, and he doesn't have plans to spoil. So now my mom's family is going to see if a late night sit-down is fine, Xmas diner at 8:30pm!

AND THEN he gave me opening shift on the morning after xmas! I have to be at the store at 6am on Saturday (We open at 7am.) So I have to wake-up at 5am. He's coming in at 6:30am. It would haven't have made a big logical difference, but it would have been a god gesture to be the one coming in 30minutes earlier.

The only days I have off are Wednesday and Xmas. Friday (Today) I close so no Dr. Who with friends. Tomorrow night there's a realms event and Jen's not free. Sunday I close late at 10:30pm so no Dr. Who! (My 4th Sunday in a row) AND speaking of Sunday it's the ONLY Time Bill asked him to maneuver off so he can see his friends before Xmas. But Nate was all like, "That's my only chance for a half day so I'm taking it." The schedule you see, is based around his needs, and screw us.

At least, I like my job. If I didn't like my job this would really suck. But I can just tell myself, "It's Christmas at a video game store, this too shall pass."

(OOH bonus! I Don't think i;ve gotten to use the angry icon yet! =D)
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I dont think Im a good DM. Dec. 6th, 2009 @ 09:42 pm
Then again I think my players feel fine. But well it seems hard for me to get thoughts organized. I'm a fountain of ideas but I have trouble refining them. I find myself having to set aside time to get ready and just try to make the stuff i need up instead of doing what i want to do, and it comes so slowly like writers block.

I do my very best generating when I'm doing it as a conversation with input and feedback, but the best person for the job is one of my players. AND the one player who would be most dissaointed by me giving up the game too. I just enjoy playing more, I wish i knew more DMs, not just ex-best-friend Pat, man he was amazing. BEST DM evar! I still miss his game, though not the people since they rejected me so harshly.

I thought that if I just tried hard enough I could work it out, I mean 75% of the game is all in the player's head anyway, they'd work with what they could. If I just tried to pay attention to what they want out of a game maybe I can just try to provide it. But despite my decent overall design for the plot, and my few nifty characters, so much feels missing; I don't feel like I have a story to tell so much as a general idea for the world setting, I just can't seem to get farther. I know I tackled a really complicated idea right form the start allowing a mixed mage, changeling, and geist story; But I feel like i understand fairly well how these mechanics interact on a factual basis... the physics of the world work, but I have no story...

I've tried just running it like a regular D&D game, and am trying to just go a session at a time. I feel like maybe if I just keep trying, wading and plowing through, I'll gain experience and insight through perseverance, and eventually I'll be able to do this... But it's not un for me, I have to give up video game time to work on it.. But I Don;t want to let the one dude who cares down. The hubby and my other regular player wouldn't mind, and the other two players only ever showed up to the first session, if they don;t make it this week I'd more or less have to cancel the game anyway for lack of players.

But if they do show up, its back on my shoulders. Persevere and work through it to try and come through, or possibly let that person down, disappoint them a little and just say it's not worth it? I want the Latter, and it would be nice if I could blame it partially on lack of players. I LIKE my idea, I like my few awesome NPCs, But I just can't connect the dots. I'm sorry buddy.
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My weekend off Nov. 21st, 2009 @ 10:24 am
I can't believe it, I have a whole weekend off... Hubby ended up having t off too, but didnt know it and went into work only to turn about and come home.

I do wish I could go to the Black & White tonight actually... But I already agreed to the Hubby's hopeful plans of shopping and dinner. And since I started having a social life he's been back burner'd, and to say yes to the plans in the morning then change my mind? not cool. There is tomorrow except Sundays is his pajamas-all-day-not-leaving-the-house day. And it wouldn't change the emotional let-down of being home alone tonight while I go off and do my own thing after promising a trip to Natick mall and our favorite restaurant.

Not that I won't enjoy that too! Just feels a shame since B&W is once a year. But I'll have a lovely time regardless~

BTW do you guys remember Ragnarok Online? Let me know if you feel like playing again.
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wooof! Nov. 20th, 2009 @ 09:18 am
So poor Hubby's computer never recovered.
The other night while greeting me coming home his PC froze up dead locked. Upon restarting we got, "Error loading OS" So i set up his PC to boot from disk and went to do a repair install of windows. but He accidentally pointed me to the wrong one of his two hard drives and I did a "leave file system intact" install on the Hard Drive with no prior install. Got a new error message when i rebooted. At this point we decided to just ties his drives to my PC, back his stuff up and Nuke. However post nuking the new windows installations still will not work. there's always a file missing or the install seems broken. I guess he had hard drive failure and it can't properly hold data anymore?

So Now I must install Dragon age origins on my PC so he can play for now. Except I lack Hard drive space. So I must Back up all my downloaded goodies, delete old junk, CC clean and defrag just to clear things up properly.

THEN Ill go into work early and do some extra work. and by extra I mean catching up on crap we're behind on.

I think I'm already ready for bed.
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Nov. 18th, 2009 @ 09:09 am
toady has great potential, me and Brendan are going out to the Boston area to scour 4 Goodwills to see if we can find him a Dr. who (10th Dr) style suite jacket. The problem is that he wears a more or less vintage style with some modernness to it. High-gorge, notched lapel, single breasted 4 button closure. And to top it all off we need pinstripe, brown or blue! madcap.

I've already Google-mapped the route, I love how I can tell it to use public transit and walking! Granted walking is in beta and doesn't guarantee sidewalks I think we'll make it. We do after all both have blackberries with Google maps on it. I've also convinced him to try my favorite hot-pot restaurant. I feel a bit guilty for going to Boston and one of our favorite restaurants without the hubby, spending money, and then going to the B&W this weekend spending more money on just myself. Especially because he wanted to go shirt shopping and out to dinner. On the one hand the B&W is only once a year, on the other, It's been over a month since we've gone out...
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» http://www.responsibilityproject.com

"How It Began
In 2006, Liberty Mutual created a TV commercial about people doing things for strangers. The response was overwhelming. We received thousands of positive emails and letters from people all over the country commenting on the ads.

We thought, if one TV spot can get people thinking and talking about responsibility, imagine what could happen if we went a step further? So we created a series of short films, and this website, as an exploration of what it means to do the right thing." (quoted from the website)

Personally Tony is the first film i watched (it was advertised on crunchyroll.com before my episode of naruto) and for a 15 minute film it is a very good piece of art. It does a great job of conveying emotions and moods, as wel as telling a small story in an epic way. Love it.
» I find this Intresting
You'll need ot read this news story first:

Blah I had a long thinky political post on this, then i just got bored with and tired of it. LJ to me isn't a place to rant/show off completely unimportant crap. Just the mostly unimportant crap of my daily feelings.

That said, ive stayed up ass late and need to sleep!
» yay another day
Changeling was fun last night, I look like ive been beaten as black and smeared all over my forehead fromt he comb-in hair colr and it looks liek bruising!

I had fun neat intresting dreams instead of blah ones i can barely remember, or creepy zombie ones! so I consider that a huge success. I think a big part of that was having hte burden of a misrolled charecter lifted. I don't mind being a a couple "levels" beind everyone else.If I focus on 1 or 2 things important to me then Ill be able ot keep pace fine. My strong points are my crazies and the fun that brings to the table anyway, and that's free!

Now of course Im worried about getting MY gaem ready next wednesday, im so not prepared ^_^;; SCARY! Poor Lunarion, I went and I'm him this morning with a big 'ol "Good morning!" I was surprised he was up as early as me after being out last night. then his screen name promtly went AFK, I hope I didnt wake the poor guy up! I hope he has an easier time washing out the hair gel than I do the black. (Actually those are both false, I really like his hair gel,, and kinda like my black.)

Gamestop's been real bad to us lately...Collapse )
» Its all luck and prayer
Well I have 1 player totally ready to go... but the one that really cares most Im most lost on... and the real detaisl of the overall plot... I got nothing. I just keep reading source books hopig for inspiration, but all the ideas are coming in small bits that are progress, but not enough, and ii have 8 days left here... scaaary.
» Happy Birthday!
I know you don't like ever read live journal anymore, but happy birthday bro! Hope you enjoy DJ Hero ^_^.

in other news im looking at my gian leafy backyard... and me not wanting to rake it.... My messy basement full of junka nd me not wanting to clean it... ect ect... I hope Jen contacts me soon aso we can go out to goodwill together and i can prcrastinate these thinsgs until tomarrow!

My game wednesday went allright. I had to pull ALOT out of my ass last minute, and do most players one at a time since it was preludes... this led to it beign slow I think, but well, I think it also went OK. and it can only get better.... right?
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