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Previous Entry Wow... 3 years! Apr. 3rd, 2013 @ 11:11 am Next Entry
Where does the time go! And damn I really only food journaled for 3 days before falling off the wagon!!! >_>

I vaguely remember doing it a week or two, but not coming to LJ for it... miiiight be wishful thinking! My nWoD game was a blast, ran for almost 3 years and I'm about to start another! I have loads more confidence as a DM now though I prefer to play. To scratch that itch I keep pretty engaged in Equests for the realms, which has 'slowed' switching from Hope to Gloria as a new main character a bit, but I'm sure Gloria will find her gig soon.

Everything is great though; other than a resent spurt of emotional restlessness things have been pretty perpetually great in the grand scheme of things! (And my 'crazies' are always pretty temporary so I don't sweat it.) I don't want to write some giant catch-up post here though; I'm also at work and should try to focus on that somewhat =P

I will try not to just constantly re-post my favorite Reddits here =P
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