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4-21-10 - Jess-O

About 4-21-10

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Breakfast: 8:30am - 276Cal - $0.50
1 Serving chocolate cheerios w/ 1% milk. (155Cal)
with 1 large banana (121Cal)

Lunch: 1:30pm - 490Cal - $1.58
Tuna on Hearty white w/light miracle whip.
with a cup of OJ

Dinner: 6:00pm - 264Cal - $1.00
Two cooked onions in a bit of Ramen

Can of Dr. Thunder - 150Cal - $0.30
Pear - 103Cal - $0.30

Water drunk: 24oz
Activity today:
House cleaning done today:

total Cal: 1283

Today we will try not to get sidetracked by any free ice cream. I fully plan to enjoy a Dr. Pepper later though! It's just not worth it to me to do no junk at all!

as far as life goes, I would rake but I was exercising back muscles yesterday (to improve posture) and I'm a bit sore. so I'll just work on my nWoD game instead. I have lots of character sheets to do!
Current Mood: boredbored
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