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4-20-2010 Day one! - Jess-O

About 4-20-2010 Day one!

Previous Entry 4-20-2010 Day one! Apr. 20th, 2010 @ 09:12 am Next Entry

Weight: 140lbs
Widest part of belly: 37.5"
Widest part of thigh: 25.5"
Widest part of bicep: 12.5"
widest part of Bust: 30.5" Well this I want to STOP from shrinking. If loose too much weight up top I'll focus more on working legs.

Breakfast: 8:30am - Carbs - 276Cal - $0.50
1 Serving chocolate cheerios w/ 1% milk. (155Cal)
with 1 large banana (121Cal)

Lunch: 1pm - Carbs - 465Cal - $0.86
PB&J on Hearty white with crunchy PB and sugar free J.
with a Rose apple

Dinner: 5pm - Raspberry Pop tarts - Carbs - 481cal - $0.75
with an Orange

8pm - 1 1/2cups chocolate icecream - Dairy - 375cal - Free

Water drunk: 72oz
Activity today: Raked 1/4th front yard did some leg lifts and squats.
House cleaning done today: nope >_<

total cal: 1597 (goddamn free icecream)

SO the hubby wants to lose 20lbs before we take our yearly trip to Venezuela. Personally I also can't wait to go back! But as long as he'll be trying to be healthy I may as well give my best effort at full tilt too! This could be fun! I think having to write it down where it can be seen will be half the battle the Wills. I'll want to make progress "on record."
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