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CtL: Sunday January 10th, 2010 - Jess-O

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((for people not in the know postings with this User pic are "in character" for a role playing group I'm in))

Went "hedge hunting" for the first time with Abe today, really we just collected some new nuts growing near the entrance to this new trod... Gross little things, like peach pits filled with ham fat...

I was scared, not so much of the hedge, but of really goign somewhere really alone without Thomas nearby. I know that sounds ridiculous but what if All this time he was biding his time, you know? I just, I guess I had trouble trusting his intentions because he seemed TOO Good to be true. But it is, and we finally made it official and said vows on it. It's amazing to know I a good friend who's got my back, Especially special, because while I know Tom will always be there for me, I know Abe doesn't feel obligated or burdened by it. I'm glad there's someone else Tom can trust to look out for me too so he won't worry so much...\

Those nuts though, Gave one to Sel, as this is really more his thing... and he ended up remembering his keepers and going on a bit of a bad trip... I feel guilty for being a coward and not just trying it myself, and instead inflicting that on him... And Abe said he was going to rty it himself tonight, oh poor Abe! I really wish I could go help him now... I almost feel guilty enough to just take one myself so they don't suffer alone. But I'm fairly certain that would put more gray in Tom's hair.
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